Welcome! This is my first post on a brand-new blogsite.

I’m starting this blog in order to post pieces from a book-in-progress, Too Much Yang: How Sex-Selective Abortion in Asia Will Alter the World, as well as inserting new information for readers from various reports that will filter out of Asia.

Keep in mind that the effects of sex-selective abortion in Asia, though they are beginning to be felt, have in no way reached the intensity they will acquire in 20 years. This blog, and the book, is about what will happen. Not “may” or “could” but will. Given what we know of the history of nations in which the balance of the population skewed male, there is no doubt that trouble lies ahead. The only question is how much, how fast.

The androgenization (androgenization occurs where many more people are male than female) of Asia through the abortion of female fetuses – initially in China and India, but the practice is rapidly spreading and will be accelerated by over-the-counter tests for early determination of fetal sex – is the elephant in the room. No one wants to talk about the dangers androgenization presents to these societies and to the rest of the world. Apart from the wholesale murder of millions of boys and men, there is no way to stem the tide, and some nations regard an unnatural proportion of males as laudable. Their male leaders take pride in the ever higher percentages of infant boys.

They do not acknowledge that a society that skews male is inherently unstable and violent within itself, nor that retaining their own power will depend on men who are younger and thus more inclined to topple those in command. In fact, they are allowing their countries to be slowly devoured from inside.

This process will be painful to watch yet impossible to avoid.